Temple Gate: An Accessible HTML5 WordPress Theme

We have just released a GPL license HTML5 WordPress theme.

The design of Temple Gate is inspired by the spirituality and simplicity of Japanese Temple Gate.

Accessible HTML5 WordPress template

See the free HTML5 WordPress theme in action and find the download link from the demo site.

Features Highlights

  • WordPress 3.0+ ready!
  • Multilingual translation ready! A “pot” (Portable Object Template) file is included for you to translate to your langauge.
  • Main Navigation: a main navigation for pages, categories and external link menus all in one place. Configure it directly from admin.
  • Theme Options (for logo, Feed icons, Twitter, Facebook profile and google analytics code from admin).
  • Widgets ready!
  • Sticky Post
  • A banner section – insert image in each post using Custom Field ‘banner’.
  • Show Popular Posts – Next to banner section. Required WordPress Popular Posts. Use other plugin/widget if you prefer.
  • Insert image in a post/page using Custom Field. In the Excerpt mode (see example in the homepage) it shows a thumbnail size, in posts page it shows a full size image.
  • Show 5 Related posts at the end of each article – required Related Posts by Category plugin
  • A Links template (a.k.a Bookmarks) – extra bit of usability and SEO. This template is very useful if you have a long list of sites that you want to link to, and don’t want it shows up in the sidebar widget. Setup the page from the Pages page and select the template.
  • An Archives template to display last 20 posts, posts by categories, posts by yearly and monthly. This thoughtful feature is useful if a site had been running for years and has hundreds of articles (in this case you probably don’t want the archives be displayed in the sidebar widget)
  • Linking post published dates to their archives – extra bit of usability care that your reader/visitor will appreciate!
  • Build with accessibility in mind: WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 quality
  • Search Engine Optimized from ground up – structural markup and image optimization
  • Highlight Author Comments by giving a different border color
  • Threaded comments
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14 Comments to “ Temple Gate: An Accessible HTML5 WordPress Theme ”

  1. Monica Guy says:

    Great job – I see the theme is still being developed but it looks smart and I hope you can iron out any issues soon. I’ve been struggling to adapt ordinary WordPress themes for accessibility so this is a good step in the right direction.

    I’ve posted it up on my blog Unleash Web Access and encouraged readers to check it out and comment.

    • lsd says:

      Thanks for mentioning it in your website!
      The theme is ready to be used, all issues concerning browser rendering and accessible support for browsers had taken care.
      If I do get feedback from Screen Readers user, further improvement will be made in the next release.

  2. Daniel Gartmann says:

    I am a new WordPress user as well as a screenreader user.

    I just switched to using Tempel Gate on the website I am running. It is a Danish site for the open source screenreader NVDA.

    And since I can’t tell if the site looks ok, I rely on the fact that a theme has been well designed visually as well as accessibly.

    I could help translating the theme into Danish if there is an interest.

    • lsd says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for using the theme. Tempel Gate has been well designed visually and yes the accessibility has been taken care too, however there is always improvement can be made especially on the accessibility, so if you or your users have issues or difficulty with your site using screen reader, please let me know, I will try my best to help improve it.

      Visiting your site, I see you have not configured the menu and sidebar widgets yet.

      Feel free to submit the Danish translations.

  3. Suzy R says:

    Hi! This really is one of the nicest designs around that I have been searching for that is accessible. I downloaded the theme, and started to work on changing the header, but i have come across a problem – im not sure if i have touched something and done something wrong! On firefox my header looks fine, but on IE8 all the header section seems messed up – and also looking on the templegate demo site, the header also appears funny, is there any way to solve this? thanks so much

    • lsd says:

      Hi Suzy, thanks for reporting the IE issue. I must had messed up the header.php file in the latest update.

      Please go to the “header.php” and add the “.js” for modernizr-1.6.min around line #38.

      Or replace entire link with this:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/modernizr-1.6.min.js" >

  4. Suzy R. says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for your time in responding to me, the header has now been sorted! My only other question is that in I8 the h1 text: El Portavoz: El Portal mas destacado… shows up as an unloaded image in difference to firefox where it loads fully as a linked text? Many thanks!

    • lsd says:

      It means you have a broken link – logo is missing.

      The logo is either background image or inline image (enter from Temple Gate Options from your wp-admin). It appears that you have used both, and the one in background is missing – if you first replace the default logo from the background image by replacing the one already in the “images” directory, it should work just fine.

      But it appears to me that you entered your image first Temple Gate Options, and this shoud overwrite the default ones which is placed as background image in CSS. If you empty the one from your admin with a save action, the CSS ones should be taken place again, if it doesn’t, itt maybe a bug that resulting the image still existed in the database, or simply cache issue – I vaguely remember one encounter with this but believe it had been fixed from my theme, therefor not quite sure why it shows up again. Should this be the case, you may have to remove the inline image directly from your database, or make sure no broken link for your image.

  5. Marcos says:


    good theme, i’ve a problem with my site http://www.turismoesolidarieta.it/ my quick menu has a problem.
    Can help me?


    • lsd says:

      Hi, I can’t help you with a theme that is not built by me. The URL you posted in your message, the theme isn’t my work.

  6. Daniel says:

    And now, how do I remove the time and author information from individual pages? I’ve ggot eh impression that this has to be done in the template itself. Well, if there is a plug-n, I would be happy to get it. I’m using Tempel Gate.


    • lsd says:

      Look for “post-meta” class in the single.php file.